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Driving near a motorcycle is not like driving with other cars. Motorcycles are often smaller and harder to see. They also do not have the protections larger automobiles have. Drivers sharing the road with motorcycles need to be extra careful to ensure everyone’s safety.

Drivers must be aware that you can encounter motorcycles on all types of roadway. It is important to know how you can help keep the roads safe when sharing them with motorcycles.

Check your blind spot

A good habit to have is always signaling and checking your mirrors and blind spots. Motorcycles may go unnoticed in a casual glance because they are more compact. This can especially be the case in low light or bad weather.

Caution when passing

It is unlawful to pass a motorcycle the same way you would an automobile. The increase in speed can cause a breeze that may cause the motorcycle to become unbalanced. You should be several car lengths ahead of the motorcycle before switching lanes.

Motorcycles need extra following and passing distance

You should maintain an acceptable following distance behind motorcycles. You may not always see their brake lights to alert you that the motorcycle is coming to a stop. Motorcyclists can over-brake, slide or fall if drivers cut them off or unintentionally pull in front of them without allowing enough space.


Ensure your high-beams are off when you are near a motorcycle and refrain from passing.

Let the motorcyclists know you are turning

This is an important step to ensuring the safety of motorcyclists. Turn your signal on sooner than you would with other automobiles.

It is important to remember that there is no such thing as a fender-bender for motorcyclists. Multi-vehicle accidents involving motorcycles can cause serious or fatal injuries to the rider. It is the crucial that the drivers of automobiles take caution when sharing the road with motorcycles.