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Memphis, TN Student Loan Debt Lawyer

Higher education is more expensive than it has ever been. With the price of a university education rising far faster than the wages for an average job, it is no wonder that thousands of people find themselves crushed beneath the weight of student loans that they have no idea how to pay back. If you are one of them, you have likely experienced feelings of frustration, guilt, or even shame. Fortunately, you do not need to feel that way. At the Arnold Law Firm, our student loan debt relief lawyer has vast experience in restructuring finances so that you can find a way out of your predicament. We have helped countless clients around Memphis and throughout Tennessee. We can help you find answers, too. Contact us today so we can get working on your case.

Overwhelmed By Student Loans? Our Student Debt Relief Lawyer Can Help.

Students across the country were promised that their degrees would be “worth it” and would help them get a well-paying job later on in life. Unfortunately, the harsh reality for many graduates is that they simply can’t find work in the field they paid so much money to go to school for, and wind up in a great deal of debt.

Here at the Arnold Law Firm, we believe in personalized, face-to-face service. To us, you are far more than just a case number. We understand just how stressful having a significant amount of student loan debt can be, and our Memphis, TN debt relief lawyer is here to help provide you with a solution.

The Challenge Of Student Loans

Many kinds of debt are dischargeable through consumer bankruptcy. By filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, you can eliminate certain kinds of debts, such as credit card bills, and consolidate others into a single, manageable payment.

While discharging student loans through bankruptcy is more possible now than ever, especially since the 2022 change to the law, in the past, it was very rare for a debtor to meet the “undue hardship” standard used by the court to determine whether student loans can be discharged through bankruptcy.

The criteria used by the courts to make that determination can include whether the debtor is disabled, whether or not the debtor can maintain a minimal standard of living if he or she has to repay the loan, and whether or not the “hardship” is permanent. After evaluating your situation, our lawyers will be able to tell if you may qualify for the hardship standard.

Get The Life Preserver You Need. Contact a Student Loan Debt Relief Lawyer.

You do not need to drown in debt. Our attorneys will throw you the lifeline that will pull you out of financial difficulty and set you back on the path to stability. Contact the Arnold Law Firm today to schedule your free case evaluation with our seasoned Memphis debt relief law firm.

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