A recent car crash in Tennessee left two people injured. Police are still investigating the incident. When motor vehicle accidents occur, the drivers who caused them may be held responsible for the victims’ losses. This may be true for this case.

Few details have been reported about this particular event. What is known is that is occurred on June 15, at approximately 5 p.m., in Whitehaven. Pictures and video of the accident scene show a mangled black sedan off the side of the road near a rest stop off of Interstate 55. It is unclear if another vehicle was involved in the event. Two people were transported to an area hospital, one of whom is in critical condition.

Authorities have not named the victims or the driver responsible for this incident. As of the latest report, they are not even sure what caused the wreck. At this time, it is unclear if any charges are pending in this matter.

Following motor vehicle accidents, investigators, victims and the family members of the victims want answers — which is completely understandable. They want to know why the events happened and who is responsible. In time, that information will be revealed in this case. When it is, the victims may pursue compensation for any damages sustained by filing personal injury claims in a Tennessee civil court. Through successful negotiation or litigation, monetary relief may be granted to the victims as compensation for any damages deemed legally recoverable — regardless if those damages are economic or noneconomic in nature.