18-wheeler truck

It is not uncommon to see semitrailers on Tennessee roads. In some places, they seem to be taking over the streets. With more of the vehicles on our roadways, it is no wonder that accidents involving them seem to happen more often. If you have suffered personal injury or lost a loved one in a truck accident, you may have legal recourse.

If you are the victim of a truck accident or the surviving family member of a deceased victim, you already know just how much damage these machines can do. What you need to know now is what you can do to seek compensation for your losses. You may want to believe that insurance will take care of everything, but the truth of the matter is, insurance may come up short.

Insurance does not really consider all of your losses. When figuring out a settlement amount, the adjuster may only consider immediate, documented economic losses. What out noneconomic damages? What about future losses?

The damages sustained as a result of a truck accident can affect you for the rest of your life. If you are the victim, physical pain, emotional trauma and financial losses can all take their toll. If you are the family member of a victim, psychological and economic damages may be more than you can bear.

Following a truck accident, whether you suffered personal injury or the loss of a loved one, according to the state of Tennessee, you have every right to seek fair compensation for your losses. An experienced attorney can help you do just that. To learn how, please visit our firm’s website.