18-wheeler truck

It is pretty easy to tell when a driver is on his or her cellphone. An individual looking at a phone instead of the road can be seen drifting out of their lane of traffic, ignoring traffic signs and signals and, sadly, causing motor vehicle accidents. When it comes to semi drivers, you may expect these professionals to be immune to the distractions that affect other drivers in Tennessee or elsewhere. Sadly, they are not and when they become distracted and cause accidents, the results can be devastating for victims or their loved ones.

Research shows that looking down at a phone can take a person’s eyes off of the road for an average of 3 to 5 seconds. During that time, it is possible to travel the distance of a football field — shorter or longer depending on one’s speed. A lot can happen in that short amount of time and if a person is not paying attention, he or she will not have time to react.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has set very specific guideline regarding commercial driver cellphone use. They are not supposed to use hand-held devices unless their devices have single-button answer/dialing capabilities. It is preferred that these drivers, just like everyone else, use hands-free controls if they need to use their phones. Commercial drivers and the companies for which they work can face serious penalties if they are found in violation of these regulations.

If you believe cellphone use contributed to the truck accident that caused you or a loved one injury or the death of a loved one, you may seek compensation for your losses. Distracted driving is negligent driving. If you can establish driver negligence, through negotiations or litigation maximum relief may be awarded to you. To learn how an experienced attorney can assist with submitting and resolving legal claims for motor vehicle accidents in the state of Tennessee, please visit our firm’s website.