Retirement years are supposed to be filled with family time and relaxation. They are supposed to be the years people enjoy after putting their time in the workforce. Unfortunately, many seniors in Tennessee and across the country are not spending their golden years the way they had hoped. Instead, many are returning to work so that they can pay off debt. For some financially struggling seniors, bankruptcy may provide the relief they need.

An 87-year-old man recently shared his debt story, and it is a story that has become a national headline. His wife has suffered through breast cancer and has a number of health problems. As a result, she has significant medical debt. The couple has sold their home and many of their possessions in an effort to pay off this debt, but it has not been enough. Now, this gentleman is looking for work as a truck driver to get money coming in so they can keep paying her medical bills.

According to a recent report, in the last year, 255,000 seniors aged 85 and over have re-entered the workforce due to the inability to keep up with their debt obligations. They are taking whatever jobs they can get, some of which are quite physically demanding. Many want to avoid bankruptcy, but at the same time, bankruptcy rates among seniors have risen 204 percent since 1991. Returning to work does not always resolve the issue and sometimes it really is not an option.

Seniors residing in Tennessee can turn to a bankruptcy attorney for guidance on all possible debt relief options. Some may find bankruptcy is the right fit, others may not. Every case is different. The simple point is, there are debt relief options out there to help those in their retirement years get back on track financially — it is just a matter of asking for help.