person driving car

Driving is a great privilege, but it can also be a responsibility. Any driver is prone to making a mistake or two behind the wheel. But sometimes, those mistakes can have devastating results.

It isn’t only distracted driving that accounts for serious accidents. Even the slightest slip-up or moment of forgetfulness can lead to a crash. Below are just three common driving mistakes that may seem minor but can have major consequences.

1. Improper vehicle maintenance

It can be tempting to put off checking whether your vehicle is fit to run, especially if it’s going to cost you a lot of money to get something fixed. However, it’s not always costly. Having good vehicle maintenance can be as simple as making sure your tire pressure isn’t too low or changing the light bulbs in your headlights.

While it may feel like a chore you don’t want to waste your time or money on, a blown tire or faulty brake while you’re driving on the road can mean trouble for you and other drivers.

2. Not using your turn signal

Whether you’ve just forgotten to use it or you don’t think it’s worth your time, not using your turn signal is dangerous. Especially when you’re changing lanes on a multi-lane road or taking an exit on a highway, using your turn signal can mean the difference between a safe car journey and a bad accident.

3. Accelerating and decelerating too fast

Punching the gas or the breaks may seem necessary in some situations, but it’ll likely cause you more problems than do you any good. Not only does quick acceleration and deceleration waste your gas, but it’s also a safety issue for the drivers around you. Speeding up too quickly can startle other drivers, while stopping suddenly might cause a tailgating driver to rear end you.

In the event of an accident

In the unfortunate event that you do get into an accident, get the necessary medical attention and help you may need right away. Be sure to take photos of the accident if you can and ask for eyewitness accounts if available. With accurate details of the crash to back you up, you may be able to seek compensation for any injuries and damages.