hand holding credit cards

Tennessee residents who are struggling financially have likely dealt with their fair share of issues with creditors. At the end of the day, creditors do not care about the consumer; rather, they care about getting paid. For some individuals, bankruptcy can help resolve their money and creditor problems.

A recently released report from the Consumer Federation of America listed the top 10 complaints consumers had about their creditors. This list covers a variety of topics. Those that will be discussed here have to do with credit/lending companies, health services, internet sales and general services.

The biggest complaints about credit/lending companies were that many consumers find themselves victim to abusive collection tactics, predatory lending, unresolved billing disputes and fraud. When it comes to health services, common complaints are billing issues, misleading claims and outrageous costs. The biggest complaints about internet sales are the failure of online retailers to deliver, misrepresentation of product, billing disputes and abusive sales tactics. Finally, when it comes to general services, many people find themselves dealing with companies who provide shoddy work, who fail to perform or deliver and who charge outrageous fees and interest.

Tennessee residents can protect themselves from some of these creditor issues by doing their research before engaging with certain businesses. If one lacks the funds to pay back creditors, some of these issues may not be avoided, but that does not mean there is nothing one can do about it. Those who are dealing with money problems may find that bankruptcy or other debt relief options offer the assistance they need to clear their debts and regain control of their financial situations. An experienced attorney can provide insight on which debt relief options best suit one’s specific situation.