person driving car

One of the most exciting aspects about purchasing a new car is learning all about its new enhancements and technologies that your old car most likely never had. You may have even upgraded to a car that was beyond what you were first shopping for because of these new systems.

With so much technology, it is hard to miss there are now cars that do not even need a driver. Self-driving cars not only need to know how to drive down the road, but also need to notice other vehicles and the probabilities of a collision. The problem is, this same type of technology in your car can lull you into a state of over protection and may put you and other drivers at risk.

This is because many drivers believe the car is driving itself and the driver is just a monitor. However, that is not the case. Drivers are overestimating the capabilities of the features of their new car and quickly find themselves in danger. Here are a few of the biggest troubled spots that are causing the most problems.

Blind spot monitoring – One of the most dangerous of the new technologies in brand new cars is blind spot monitoring. Drivers rely so much on being notified of something or someone in their blind spot that they don’t even bother checking for themselves before changing lanes. It has been estimated that 80 percent of drivers do not understand how blind-spot monitoring works or believe the system is able to perform at a higher level than it does.

Front-end collision warning/automatic braking – Both of these technologies are often confused as being the same thing. If a driver believes the car will automatically apply the brakes for a slow or stopped car in front of them, they will be delayed in applying the brakes themselves when it is needed.

Adaptive cruise control – When this system is on and can control the acceleration and braking of the car on its own, some drivers will engage in other activities and take their focus off what the car is doing.

These systems can be useful and even provide added safety for the driver and passengers. However, it is important to understand what these systems can do and what their limitations are. If you are confused by the technology in your car or just want to understand them better, you should get a full demonstration of the vehicles abilities at the time of purchase at the dealership. Otherwise, you should take it upon yourself to read the owner’s manual or search online for video tutorials to better familiarize yourself with these features.