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You were out doing your normal thing. Maybe you were driving to work, school, taxiing children around or just running errands when it happened — someone hit your car. At first, you were stunned, but the overall damage seemed minor, so insurance information was exchanged and you went on your way. A few hours, days or even weeks later, you started experiencing pain or other symptoms that something may be wrong, but how can that be when the crash seemed so insignificant? The truth is that plenty of Tennessee residents have experience injuries in relatively minor motor vehicle accidents.

Pain is one way the body tells you that something is not right. If that pain comes on the heels of a car accident, popping pain medication and hoping it will go away may not be the wisest decision — though that is what many Tennessee residents may opt to do. The best decision would be to get to a doctor as soon as possible. The pain may not come from anything serious, but then again, it may. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Common injuries seen in minor car accidents include whiplash, herniated discs and other back injuries, and knee trauma — just to name a few. Without medical treatment, the pain associated with these injuries can become unbearable. Some people may even experience symptoms for years following the event. This can have an extremely negative impact on one physically, emotionally and financially.

Tennessee residents who have suffered injuries in minor motor vehicle accidents may be entitled to seek compensation for their losses. If you believe you have a case for compensation, an experienced injury attorney may be able to help you obtain it. To learn how, please visit our firm’s website for more information on this topic.